When In Doubt, Look Like a Honey Badger

Aug 29, 2012 | Posted by in animals, nature, science | 2

CHEETAHS. You already know that cheetahs are fast. But did you know that cheetahs, especially BABY cheetahs are really great pretenders? I came across this cool tidbit recently and just had to share. So you’ve got your cheetah. It looks like this: And you’ve got your baby cheetah, who looks like this. D’aww… Notice anything?Read more …

World Tapir Day!

Apr 27, 2012 | Posted by in nature, science | 2

The lovely Debbie Ohi has informed me that today is WORLD TAPIR DAY*. Seriously, there’s a website and everything. If you don’t exactly know what a tapir is, let me give you the lowdown. They look like this: And their babies look like this: And their noses look like this: So basically, they’re a pig/elephant/rhino/cowRead more …