I’ve been tagged!

You may find yourself randomly wondering, JUST WHO IS this Jess Keating character? WELL WAIT NO MORE.

My dear friend Annie has tagged me for the 11 Random Things meme, which means I get to talk about myself!

Without further adieu—

11 Random Things About Moi

1. I do accents. Not like é type of accents (although if needed I can do those too). I mean like dialect accents. I actually practice them, and dissect the difference between regions and all that. In another life, I might have been a dialect coach for people like Johnny Depp. Because of this, I tend to break out in random accents in daily life.

2. I have a hard time thinking of random things about myself, so I often misdirect people by including links to Disney songs.

3. I have an entire section of my brain dedicated to Disney songs.

4. I make a mean pizza.

5. I can catch anything with fur, feathers or scales, after a lifetime of wildlife rehabbing.

6. I am terrified of ghost stories, haunted houses, poltergeists, and pretty much anything that goes bump in the night. That movie trailer for the new Dan Radcliffe movie about the woman in black scares the you-know-what out of me every time. Nope nope nope.

7. I used to want to get stranded on a deserted island, just to see if I could survive it, Bear Grylls style. In reality, I’d probably get annoyed after a few hours because WHERE IS THE ICED TEA THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A VACATION?!

8. One of my favorite books is Island of the Blue Dolphins, which probably explains #7.

9. I’m terrible at dancing. Think Elaine with the little kicks terrible.

10. I have two older brothers, both of whom are ‘big and scary’. This prevented a lot of gorgeous guys in school from asking me out as I was growing up. Or so I tell myself…

11. Things around my office (can you tell I’m seriously running out of ideas now?) – pistachios, a quill from Westminster Abbey, box of Triscuits, sculpting knifes and a koala hand puppet. I don’t know what to say about the koala.


I’m going to use some of Annie’s, and some new ones from her list.

  • If you could go anywhere on vacation, where would you go?

Bora Bora. Or Hogwarts. A wizarding school in Bora Bora where we alternate between transfiguration and deep-sea diving!

  • If your life were made into a movie, who would you cast as yourself?

Anne Hathaway. Or Emma Stone because she’s hilarious and I’d want people to think I was charming and quick-witted and have no pores. Going for looks, I have had people tell me I look like this lady from the Truman Show.

  • Where do you prefer to go if you want to just be alone and think?

To the woods. If I could live in a treehouse and have wireless internet, I would.

  • What are your most and least favorite pizza toppings?

PIZZA! Now we’re getting somewhere! Favorite is pineapple. Least favorite is onion, because it turns all smelly and weird when you put it on pizza for some reason. Oh, and those little bits of beef that look like dog kibble. ECK.

  • How do you calendar? Paper, phone, whiteboard, etc?

Google Calendar pretty much owns me.

  • If you were given a million dollars [tax exempt], what would you do first?

FIRST, I would give a chunk of it to the Humane Society (so I wouldn’t realize I was missing it). THEN, I would buy myself a plot of land with lots of forest.

  • Name one thing you love about yourself, physically or otherwise?

I’m resilient, physically and otherwise. *grin*

  • What is your biggest challenge as a writer?

Patience, young grasshopper.

  • What’s your favorite quote or expression?

“Wildness is the preservation of the world” – Henry David Thoreau (he was sort of the man).

  • What did you have for breakfast this morning?

First breakfast was yogurt, granola and craisins. Second was nectarine and some chocolate. If I don’t eat every couple hours, I get squirrelly.

  • What are three adjectives that best describe me? I just messaged my BFF to ask her this, and her responses were:

Adventurous, determined and hungry. (told you)


OKAY. Now I think this means I have to leave 11 questions, for any daring souls that want to follow along. So in random order they are:

1. If you were a dog, where would you want to run off-leash?

2. Comfort food or high class dining?

3. If you had to pick, would you go into space or under the sea in a submarine?

4. Movie character you most want to be?

5. If you were bread, what kind would you be? ie Sourdough, raisin bread, something nutty…

6. Narnia or Hogwarts?

7. Writer you would most like to have to dinner?

8. In another life, I would be a _______.

9. The title of your memoir would be…?

10. Best day of your life?

11. If I could steal one thing and get away with it, I would steal _______.

ALRIGHT. I am tagging anyone and everyone who wants to join in. If you post your answers, leave a link for me in the comments so I can learn ALL ABOUT YOU.

Thanks, Annie!!


2 thoughts on “11 Things!”

  1. Wow, you’re quick!! Great answers. Now I want to know more about that koala puppet you have. And I had yogurt and granola for breakfast too! Interesting. The Truman Show is a great movie, isn’t it? I watched it several times.


    And yes, you are always hungry. This post made me hungry. Let’s go get pizza, dammit.

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