Hello and happy Monday! I’ve switched things up a bit. Instead of sharing a roundup of curiosities on Fridays as usual, I thought it would be nice to start the week with them! (Always better to start off on the right foot, and why wait til Friday to celebrate with something interesting, right?

Here are a few things to spark something fun this week.

1. Rainbow water. This belongs in a book (and is quite high on my list of must visit places!)


2. The Secret Language of Trees. This was a fascinating and beautiful read! Here’s a lovely animated video, as well!

3. Today is cool but creepy science news:  DNA From a Shark Tooth Embedded in a Man’s Foot for 25 Years Identifies the Culprit


4. This artist’s instagram feed merges whimsy, art, and cartoons. You’ll love it.


5. I recently read this book, and it really got me thinking about how I want to approach social media. If you’re familiar with my blog posts, you know I’m a big fan of it, but there are always steps we can take to have a healthy, happy relationship with our phones, and the internet in general. This is a fantastic, thought provoking read!


6. Can a chameleon build a galaxy? Looks like it. 

7. Now here’s a doozy for my education-inclined friends: this research suggests that learning styles don’t exist. But don’t worry, they wrap up with a thoughtful conclusion:

“Given the capacity of humans to learn, it seems especially important to keep all avenues, options, and aspirations open for our students, our children, and ourselves. Toward that end, we think the primary focus should be on identifying and introducing the experiences, activities, and challenges that enhance everybody’s learning.” 

8. What’s in the dust in our homes? This is FASCINATING, and also mildly unsettling. 

9. Looking to broaden your artistic horizons (or learn something new everyday?) This DailyArt app looks fun, and it’s free! Discover a new piece of art every day!


As always, thank you so much for reading! And if you’re one of the many lovely people who celebrated the release of my new book, NIKKI TESLA AND THE FERRET-PROOF DEATH RAY with me last Tuesday – thank you! You can buy this book at your favorite bookstore today! (Bonus: leave a review!)


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