We are almost one year out from the first publication of PINK IS FOR BLOBFISH! When I was first brainstorming this book, I knew I wanted it to be a little different. It’s definitely a book full of weird creatures, but at its heart (to me, that is), it’s a book that celebrates the diversity of something that we often see as one-note. It’s a book that shows by example just how wrong we can be about something we think we knew.

We create so many limitations for people—”pink is for girls, science is for boys, these toys are for these kids, and those toys are for other kids, blah blah blah“—the list goes on forever! On top of this, we judge so quickly, putting concepts, ideas, and even each other into boxes based on how we look, our genders, or how we see the world.

Over the past year, I’ve been so happy to receive emails and letters from readers telling me that ol’ Blobby has opened a dialogue in their classrooms. About animals and diversity. Gender expectations. Kids engaging in science. And of course, the age old discussion of “is that blobfish cute, or is he disgusting?!” I’m honored to have a place in your classrooms and libraries, and I hope you know how much your messages mean to me!

As a thank you, I wanted to offer you a little something from my blob-heart to yours. If you’ve read the book, you’ll know that the dear blobfish was voted as the World’s Ugliest Animal. But I’m pretty sure this needs to be updated. I think the blobfish would be happy to see so many young readers learning about him and other weirdos. Thank you for your book talks, your discussions, your read-alouds, and your projects! I love them all!

This poster is available for free download for your classroom or library—just click the link below the image! Happy reading, all!

Happy Blobfish Poster (249 downloads)



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