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I’m Jess Keating. I’m a fiction and nonfiction author and illustrator who loves telling fun stories in any way I can. I also have a Masters of Science in Zoology, so I get to throw around goofy animal facts a lot.

Did you know that a sea cucumber breathes out its BUTT?

Moving on.

I’ve always loved writing and making up stories. I even started a library in my room when I was a kid, so I could charge my brother late fees. To this day, he still owes me 8 bucks. I am also a giant science nerd, and love to incorporate weird science in my books.

Today, I write books for adventurous, curious, and funny kids. Some are middle grade novels and some are picture books, but they are all fun to read! (Promise.) My agent is the brilliant Kathleen Rushall of Andrea Brown Literary Agency.

This blog is for writers, teachers, students, librarians and anyone else with a curious mind.  You’ll find a lot of posts in a whole range of topics that inspire me, including language, history, biology, and creativity. Anything is fair game here, as long as it sparks a story. I like to think of it as edutainment. *waggles eyebrows*

You can also find updates on my books and the publishing world in general. As these posts build up, you can navigate them by clicking on the ‘Category’ tab and searching for those that are up your alley! Who knows, maybe they will inspire a story of your own!


Interviews with Jess Keating



 Here I am frolicking about jolly ol’ England! You can read about it here, here, and here!



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