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I wanted to share a fun new thing I’ve been working on lately. If you follow me online or read any of my books, you know I’m a huge fan of animals and science. In particular, I love educating people about the incredible marvels of the natural world. I grew up watching Kratts Creatures, Jeff Corwin, and of course, Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter. (Sidenote: we need more wildlife shows featuring women! More on that in a minute.)

Several months ago, I found myself wondering if, along with publishing books, there was something more I could do to entertain and educate readers (both kids and adults!) about the things I love so much. You know, a way to bring together all of the nerdy things in one easily accessible, free, and most importantly fun package.

Then it hit me—all those animal shows I love so much? Why not make one myself?

Of course, that was much easier said than done. Turns out that scripting an episode is one thing, but shooting, editing, animating, and producing the whole thing is another. Holy learning curve, Batman! But! After putzing around with some new programs (and doing an awful lot of googling trial and error!), I’m happy to present…*drumroll…*

Animals for Smart People! (featuring a super adorable possum in glasses, because why not.)









Animals for Smart People is my new educational Youtube channel, and it’s geared toward anyone who loves animals and science and wants to learn more. It’s kid and classroom friendly, but will likely also feature something new for adults too! Each episode is short (under 3 minutes), but jam packed with the latest science and zoology stories and information that I think everyone should know. All types of animals will be covered, from microscopic tardigrades all the way up to giant whale sharks. It’s going to be a blast!

You can check out my latest episodes below! And as always, feel free to write me online if you’d like to suggest an idea for a future episode. If you like what you see, definitely subscribe on Youtube so you can join in the fun with us!

The Animals for Smart People community has a Twitter account and Facebook page as well, where I’ll be sharing fun animal and science stuff unrelated to the videos. You can find those at the links above!

Here is the channel trailer:

And here are the first three episodes!

Vampire Birds:


And a special Hunger Games episode:

New episodes arrive every other Monday—I hope you enjoy them!

And happy holidays!

One thought on “Introducing a new Youtube channel!”

  1. Jess,
    We love these episodes and can’t wait to see what you’ll talk about next!
    Mr. Lewis and his 5th graders

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