If staring at the first page of a blank word doc is scary, then watching the blinking cursor of your very first ever post on your brand spankin’ new author blog is downright terrifying.

Seriously. Can you see my pinkie finger quivering over the delete key? CAN YOU FEEL MY FEAR FROM THERE?

I think it was FDR who said that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. Actually, I think Harry Potter knew this too, with the whole boggart business. So, with all this enlightened wisdom about fear floating around, you’d think that diving into the  blogging world as though it’s a vat of cotton candy and puppies would be easy.

But no.

There are a bazillion author blogs out there, including some amazing ones like, oh, Meg Cabot‘s and Maggie Stiefvater‘s. People who, despite being incredibly humble and genuine, make it look like words fly out of their fingertips at perfectly timed intervals corresponding with release dates. And you can always count on good ol’ neilhimself* for a nice literary feast, cant you? (Have you seen that guy’s library? Yeah, that’s not intimidating at ALL**.)

If I were feeling really philosophical here, I could say that the leap into one’s new author blog perfectly mirrors the leap from writing for yourself to writing for publication. Instead of giggling at your own words in the dark, you have to flip on the fluorescent lights of the interwebs (and man, they can be unflattering, can’t they?) and let the world have a go at your words. Are you using too many adjectives? Is your message as clear and polished as Beyoncé’s skin on Grammy night? DID YOU MESS UP YOUR AND YOU’RE?!

But I’m not feeling philosophical today.

Instead I’m feeling daring. So, with only the tiniest amount of procrastination and without any adieu whatsoever – I am going to hit ‘Publish’.

I’d love to meet you all, so please feel free to introduce yourself in the comments, and don’t forget to pick up a martini from the waitress.

Keating OUT!***


* I can’t be the only one who considers Neil Gaiman to be the Chuck Norris of the literary world, right? Here’s one for you: Neil never uses spellcheck. If he happens to misspell a word, Oxford just changes the spelling of it to match his.

** It’s taking an awful lot of willpower to not recycle a second Chuck Norris joke here.

*** I’m so sorry for the Ryan Seacrest reference. I have no idea what came over me.

Pictured: That’s me, on a recent trip to England. Those be the rolling hills of the Lake District, Beatrix Potter’s old stomping grounds.

One thought on “Beginnings, Fear, and Cotton Candy”


    Dear Keating,
    Your daring and dazzling words are, as always, a wonder to behold. Best of luck and lots of lemonade on this new adventure.
    <3s always,
    Your Fan and Friend.

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