It’s official! PINK IS FOR BLOBFISH is out in the wild! Swimming (very slowly) around bookshelves everywhere!

I wanted to thank you all for all of the incredible support you’ve shown for this book already—I’ve received so many happy emails, tweets, pictures and messages—it’s enough to make a blobfish swoon!

When I first had the idea for this book, it hit me all at once, and I could immediately see how quirky and fun it could be for kids. I’m so fortunate that my brilliant editor (Katherine Harrison at Knopf!) had the same vision for this book, and helped to make it the gorgeous book and resource it is today. I still can’t get over that cover! A book takes so many people to bring together, and I want to thank everybody who had a role in making my BLOBFISH dream come true.

And some more happy news: my dear blobfish will soon be getting some mail of his own! Specifically, VALENTINES!

The lovely folks at DDG Booksellers in Maine are hosting a special Valentine for Blobfish contest. Poor Mr. Blobby will finally have some love! If you want to show blobfish some love, you can go here and leave him a valentine too!

As a thank you for being so awesome in sharing blobfish with young readers, I made a special episode of Animals for Smart People! I hope you find it useful in classrooms, and please connect with me if you’d like some special blobfish doodles for your class! I’d love to send some your way!

Until next time—have a very blobby week! You guys are the best!


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