Space Poop!

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Hello my cheeky monkeys! Nothing says Monday like learning about space poop. When I came across this graphic from the International Space Station, I knew I had to share it. Especially because it mentions space poop. Have you ever wondered what happens to astronauts’ bodies in space? Do they have to exercise? Check out thisRead more …

Happy News!

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Whoa! Did anyone else just blink and find that JUNE is here?! I’ve been buried in drafting lately, but I wanted to share some happy stuff from the last few weeks! In May, I got to attend the OLA’s Forest of Reading program, and their annual Red Maple Award ceremony. I was nominated along withRead more …

Jess’s Open Tabs

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Hey world! It’s been a busy winter! Between finishing up book 3 in the MY LIFE IS A ZOO series and shoveling all this snow, I’ve been a little MIA around here. (But as usual, you can always find me on Twitter!) Since it’s Friday, I thought it would be fun to post another editionRead more …

Shark Teeth!

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Happy Friday! It’s time to share our next #SharkNotes video! This video is all about shark teeth! We learn what makes shark teeth special, including the fascinating denticles that cover a shark’s entire body. Did you know sharks can help Olympians? Click the graphic below and find out!

A Book Birthday!

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It’s here! It’s here! HOW TO OUTSWIM A SHARK WITHOUT A SNORKEL is in the wild today! It’s the second book in the MY LIFE IS A ZOO series, and I’m so excited to share it with you! Here it is, paired up with its buddy! Aren’t they lovely?!   To celebrate, I’m tweeting upRead more …

Deep Sea Creepers!

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I’m taking a break from some drafting to post something of UTMOST IMPORTANCE. Something that couldn’t wait! Something that will shake you to your very core! What is is, you ask? THIS GUY. This is an anglerfish. If it’s not THE creepiest thing on the planet, it’s at least in the top ten. Because they’reRead more …

Red Maple Nominee!

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MY CHEEKY MONKEYS! I can finally share my news this morning! HOW TO OUTRUN A CROCODILE WHEN YOUR SHOES ARE UNTIED is nominated for the Forest of Reading RED MAPLE AWARD! The Forest of Reading is Canada’s largest children’s lit festival (think Woodstock for kids books!), and I’m absolutely floored, honored, and bouncy-giddy to beRead more …

A CROC Activity Kit!

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Teachers, librarians, and parents: this one’s for you! The amazing folks at Jabberwocky Kids have put together a How to Outrun a Crocodile ACTIVITY KIT! It’s adorable, clever, and FULL of fun activities for your classroom, so hop to it and download your copy! Let me know what you think! [wpdm_file id=1]

Tuesday Beauty, and a book signing!

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Hello my cheeky monkeys! I came across this stunning piece today about the Portguese Man-of-War and wanted to share it with you. The Man-of-War looks like a jellyfish, but it’s actually a creature that is composed of a colony of animals, called zooids. This video is kid-friendly, too! From the photographer, Aaron Ansarov: “In an age when everyoneRead more …

Jess’s Open Tabs!

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Hey world! Before I forget: I joined INSTAGRAM! You should find me so we can hang out, all picture-like. I’m jesskeatingbooks! I was going to say what a busy week it has been, but in all honesty the entire YEAR so far has felt like one big marathon! I have LOTS of updates for you,Read more …

A Thank You

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WOW. It’s been a week since HOW TO OUTRUN A CROCODILE was officially released into the wild, and I have to admit–I am completely overwhelmed! I feel like the luckiest author around. Some of you (most of you?) probably know that I’m Canadian, and living in Canada. Because the release dates for US and Canada oftenRead more …

Crocodile SWAG!

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Well, my cheeky monkeys, the time is almost here! In just over a week, CROC will be cruising its way to a bookstore near you. And the amazing folks at Sourcebooks Jabberwocky are at it again! Check out what I just received in the mail. CROCMARKS!   Paired with stickers and postcards (so you can write yourRead more …

Keating Creature #2 is ALIVE!

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Today we’re talking bioluminescence, root beer floats, and superheroes! Happy reading! If you’d like to view this issue on its own page, go here! If you’d like to get Keating Creature issues delivered to you/your classroom via email, click the “Follow Jess Keating” button at the bottom of this page!

CROC gets a STAR!

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I have the happiest news to share today! KIRKUS reviewed my book and gave it a STAR! I was able to stop freaking out long enough to cut/paste the review. (And possibly print if off and roll around with it.) Here’s what they said: KIRKUS REVIEW Living in a zoo wouldn’t be so bad if theRead more …

Book #2 Cover Reveal!

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BA-DUM. BA-DUM. BA-DUMDUM DUMDUM DUMDUM DUMDUMDUMDUMDUMDUMDUMDUMDUM. Okay looking back I probably should have just embedded the JAWS theme here, but you can pretend for me, because I come bearing SHARKS! What a WHIRLWIND these past few months have been! With one month to go before Book 1 of the MY LIFE IS A ZOO series isRead more …

Fantastic Earth Day Authors!

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It’s Earth Day! See this teensy little dot? That’s EARTH! It looks like this when you’re a little bit closer: To celebrate Earth Day, I thought I’d share some of my favorite authors that write about lovely Earth-related goodness. If you’re looking for some great nonfiction (for you or your little monkeys), check them out! Melissa Stewart AsRead more …