Okay looking back I probably should have just embedded the JAWS theme here, but you can pretend for me, because I come bearing SHARKS!

What a WHIRLWIND these past few months have been! With one month to go before Book 1 of the MY LIFE IS A ZOO series is out in the wild, I’m finding things are really picking up speed. And what’s more exciting than cover reveals?!

The folks at Sourcebooks Jabberwocky are pretty incredible, and today I’ve got the official go ahead to share BOOK TWO’s cover with you! I know, I keep using the word ‘surreal’ to describe a lot of this journey, and yep, I’m going to use it again. It’s not every day you’re fortunate to have two covers out in the world, and I’m so, so thrilled to share this with you.

FEAST YOUR EYES! Book two has a FACE! And it is AWESOME. Click to see the higher res image!




























I love everything about this cover. The gorgeous, shadowy blue. The lime green (which you may note plays a role in CROC!), the shark bites out of the words. It’s perfect.

SO. What can I tell you about this book without spoiling the first?! NOT MUCH. But I can tell you that this book takes place right after CROC and continues Ana’s story. Ana has a LOT to learn after CROC ends—about herself—but ALSO about the people around her. Perhaps even the ones she REALLY thought she had figured out. Isn’t it funny how that’s always the way of it. When I wrote CROC, I knew I wanted to represent the truth as Ana sees it. And often, the truth isn’t what it seems. THAT is what SHARK is all about!

Of course, there are also SHARKS, adorkable boys, new friends, a Sun God from California, [THINGS I WON’T MENTION BECAUSE SPOILERS] and a whole host of new critters and zoo-tastic shenanigans. If all of this sounds vague, good!

Do you like the cover? Head on over to Goodreads and add SHARK to your shelves! (Because the world definitely needs more sharks.)

And thank you to the moon and back again for preordering CROC!

Happy Monday!

P.S I was blown away by the response to my new Keating Creature newsletter, so big hugs to all you for supporting such a nerdy enterprise.





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