Cocktail Party Trivia: Food Edition

Jun 5, 2012 | Posted by in history, language, words & word origins | 0

WELCOME to another edition of COCKTAIL PARTY TRIVIA. This time we’re talking food. COCONUTS. They are not nuts. In fact, they are drupes – similar to coffee, olives, mangoes and nectarines. They were named after their wee beady little eyes and faces, which Portuguese adventurers thought looked like GOBLINS. Goblin in Portuguese = coco, thereRead more …

Vocab Caffeine!

Apr 19, 2012 | Posted by in language, words & word origins | 2

Hello, my cheeky monkeys! We all know things start going downhill once Wednesday comes around, so here are some bizarre words to wake up your Thursday brain. Bonus points if you use them in your WIP. Let this be your hit of vocabulary-caffeine! Gelatologist – someone who studies humor, and the effect of laughter onRead more …