~Available May 2020~

Dr. Sugar Glider is here and ready to help animals (and occasionally plants) all over the world. Whether it’s a crocodile with a sick stomach, a creeped-out krill, a stressed meerkat, or a male praying mantis trying to date, Dr. Glider will give advice for any problem, no matter how big or small.

From powerhouse duo Jess Keating and New York Times bestselling illustrator Pete Oswald, Eat Your Rocks, Croc! features hilarious stories, charming illustrations, and awesome true facts that will leave young readers enthralled by the real world of the animal kingdom.

Great for kids who love:

  • Adventure, exploration, and world travel
  • Science, animals, and nature
  • Hilarious characters, cartoons, and comics
  • Asking questions, helping others, and exploring curious topics

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