It’s estimated that around 97% of the world’s creatures are invertebrates, yet I don’t think we spend nearly enough time marveling at their diversity.

It’s Pride Month – and there’s no better rep than this gorgeous fellow.

And this lovely grasshopper is also a beauty. Pink grasshoppers exist because of a genetic mutation called erythrism, which can cause an absence of normal pigment, or an excess of it. (I actually had to cut these guys from my book, PINK IS FOR BLOBFISH.) I hope they forgive me. I love how NatGeo specifies that the “pink grasshopper” sounds like a drink.

For the more dramatic types, we’ve got this guy:

Monistria maculicornis. Doesn’t sound like a drink at all, but rather an unfortunate condition that might land you on Dr. Pimple Popper. But he’s a beauty, right?

Then there’s this guy I found on Reddit, who I think is quite possibly the Ferrari of hopping things.

Solid black leather interior, bright red trim, extra horsepower. It also comes with yellow trim, if the red’s too flashy for you.

If you’re into a grasshopper mood now, you can pair these critters with Toni Morrison’s WHO’S GOT GAME or EXTRAORDINARY INSECTS by Anne Sverdrup-Thygeson.

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