Whoa! Did anyone else just blink and find that JUNE is here?!

I’ve been buried in drafting lately, but I wanted to share some happy stuff from the last few weeks!

In May, I got to attend the OLA’s Forest of Reading program, and their annual Red Maple Award ceremony. I was nominated along with some amaaaazing authors, and got to spend several days┬ámeeting readers, signing books, and doing my best not to embarrass myself in front of awesome, inspiring folks like Kenneth Oppel. I was absolutely blown away by this event! Not only is it the largest literacy festival in Canada, but it has to be the LOUDEST. At one point, I was on a stage with my fellow nominees, and the readers were so excited, I thought my eardrums were going to burst. You could feel the book love!

I got some stats after the event from the coordinator, and it turns out there were over 10,000 book loving kids in attendance! Every author gave a little speech, and I’m just glad I managed to avoid face planting on the stage. It was so fun! I’ll include a few pics at the bottom of this post!

I was also delighted to learn that CROC has been in some amazing company lately! The Children’s Book Council and International Literacy Association compile their Children’s Choices Reading List every year, and CROC was voted to be among them! SO COOL! You can read the list here–make sure to add to your TBR! Thank you to the CBC!

Lastly, I was floored today to see that CROC is up for the Rocky Mountain Book Award! Really, the best part about these awards is that they get kids reading all types of books, but to be in such wonderful company really makes me pretty giddy. You can check out the list here!

Thank you to the CBC, and to the RMBA for these honors! One of the strangest (and coolest!) parts of being an author is seeing your books “out in the world”, even though you may not be there in person. To see people reading is always a great feeling, and to be included alongside brilliant authors like this is truly humbling. Happy reading to all!

Of course, as promised, I’ll wrap up with some Forest of Reading pics! As always, you can catch me on Instagram to see more.

This was the view from our first stage. That’s a lot of readers!



Below, Kevin Sylvester was a wonderful emcee at the Toronto festival!








I signed what felt like a zillion books — and my first SHOE!










So incredible to meet so many book nerds in one place. Here I am signing away! ­čÖé

Have a great week!



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