1.  I’m so close to finishing this draft that I can TASTE IT. And it tastes like a banana Nutella wrap. Coincidentally that is also my breakfast.

2.  This blog post by Beth Revis on writing the ‘book of your heart‘ is phenomenal. Go read it, but the take home message is this: the book of your heart may not get published. And that’s perfectly, wonderfully okay. This post will make you happy and probably lower your blood pressure.

3. Sarah Davies of the Greenhouse (you can see a link to her blog just to the right here) has a great post on when life throws you rotten eggs. Inspiring stuff.

4. Robin LaFevers is a rock star and I want to hug her and buy her a dozen cupcakes. This is a general fact, but also because of this incredible post on abandoning despair and a writer’s life. Arm your bookmarks.

5. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the world and need a proverbial kick in the pants, this oughta do the trick:


2 thoughts on “Happy Panda Wants You to Read These”

  1. *puts on eye of the Tiger for you*

    Go go Jess!

    Also thank you for being a smartypants and knowing me so damn well.

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