I have some exciting news, my cheeky monkeys!

If you follow this blog (or my twitter, where I’m always yammering on about some science thing or another), you know I’m a HUGE fan of zoology and always eager to spread the word about this world’s strangest and most bizarre creatures. (Sidenote: If you would like a comprehensive list of weirdoes, check out the #KeatingCreature tab at the top of this page!)

But there’s more! I am over the moon to announce that my incredible agent, Kat Rushall, has sold a nonfiction picture book! And to the amazing Katherine Harrison at Knopf Children’s Books! Here’s the official announcement! You will have to click it to read the teensy font.


It’s call PINK IS FOR BLOBFISH, and while I won’t get into the nitty gritty details (it’s not out ’til 2016!) I can say that I’m incredibly proud of this one. Katherine is the PERFECT editor for these books, and I am literally shaking my head with disbelief over how fortunate I am that she connected with it. Another sidenote: if you’re not following Katherine on Twitter, do it! She is hilarious and brilliant and a super science nerd! Clearly you can see why I love her. 

Thank you to everybody chiming in with their support on Twitter, I love you guys! I can’t wait for you to read this book! AND HAPPY EASTER! Here’s some Elaine.





4 thoughts on “HERE BE BLOBFISH!”

  1. CONGRATS, JESS! The book sounds delightfully weird and wonderful… can’t wait to read it!

    1. Thanks so much, ladies! Love sharing the news with you! 😀

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