When I was a little chipmunk, I used to spend hours sprawled out on the ground with a magnifying glass. I LOVED discovering the teeny details of the world that we often missed, and many of the things I found ended up as inspiration for stories. Nooks and crannies become entire worlds, simple things became intricately detailed, and even the most boring little blueberry became a monster with a personality.

In highschool, I was lucky enough to try out a macro lens. This is basically a camera lens that lets you get UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL to stuff and capture the small world. I fell in love with it immediately, but being a lowly teenaged chipmunk without a penny to my name, I wasn’t able to buy one.

Fast forward now. It’s my birthday in a couple days and my dear Dude surprises me — a macro lens of my very own! Now, despite being a grown up chipmunk, I feel like that little 6 year old with the whole world in front of her, exploring the details with my rusty magnifying glass. It was the perfect gift and I just had to share some of the pics as I’m getting used to the lens!

This is what your jeans look like!



The dandelion! Check out the tube-like petals:



Dandelion seeds!



Ant on a peony!


Young peony petals!


Blue Iris:




And finally, that blueberry monster I was talking about:


Pretty cool, right?

Happy exploring!

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