We last left our brave heroine in the clutches of posh Londoners and saw enough immaculate buildings to make the Queen slurp her tea with joy. TODAY, we venture to the Jurassic Coast where we see some stunning vistas, and then to the Lake District, which was home to more famous writers than one would think statistically probable.


First of all, there are no dinosaurs at the Jurassic Coast. I know, I was sad too. Didn’t stop me from looking though. There is however, this really awesome landmark known as Durdle Door. Yes, DURDLE DOOR – how quaint and adorable can you get?! We were lucky enough to have a friend that lives 15 minutes away from this wonderful hunk of geology, so we got a first class tour. Durdle Door looks either like an elephant dipping his trunk in the water or a dragon, sticking his whole face in the water. To give you some idea of scale, if you look reeeeeaally closely, you’ll see two ant-sized people on the left. This rock be huge!

What you don’t see here are the crazy steep and high stairs (I use the term lightly, really they were more two-inch platforms that barely fit the width of a foot, sideways) that one must traverse to get to the bottom, where this picture was taken. Here’s a view to the left, after having scaled said demon-stairs.

Around the corner from Durdle Door was Lulworth Cove, a place that is just dying to be immortalized in a mystery novel. Or maybe something by Nicholas Sparks. It was a near perfect circle. Notice how the little boat posed for us; they’re so kind in the English countryside.

Our next stop was Stonehenge. I didn’t know what to expect, but I will say I didn’t think they’d sell ice cream there. But they do, in fact, sell ice cream at Stonehenge. Here is the obligatory Stonehenge shot. It was bigger than I thought.

Then it was time to load the car with a lot of junk food, set the SAT NAV (praise the heavens with crumpets for SAT NAV in a foreign country!) and head on up to the Lake District. The funny thing about the Lake District is the sheer number of famous writers that used to live here. Beatrix Potter tops my list, but there’s also Arthur Ransome, William Wordsworth, Samuel Coleridge, and John Ruskin, among others. Considering it’s a relatively small place, that’s pretty impressive. Also, there were a lot of sheep. This one stopped to say hello.

WHAT’S THAT?! Random BIOLOGY side note time?! You got it!

Look really closely and check out his pupils. They’re horizontal slits. Sheep and other critters that live on high rocks often have horizontal slitted pupils, which helps them have incredible peripheral depth perception. This sort of thing is important, so they don’t, you know… fall off cliffs while they’re hip-hopping around up there like maniacs. Compare this to cats, who have vertical slit pupils, which is an adaptation to help them hunt in low light. NOW YOU KNOW.

It was easy to see why so many writers were inspired here. Rolling, happy hills everywhere.

Also, lots of happy little streams.

I should also add that the Lake District had the best food of our entire trip. I would have taken a picture of the amazing green pea risotto I had, but I’m afraid it didn’t last long enough to grab a pic. Instead, here’s a picture of a grumpy Scottish cat, judging me. He was the first face we encountered to welcome us to Scotland. Note the angry vertical pupils. Pupils of judgment, they are.

To see the rest of SCOTLAND, you’ll have to check back next time, where you will see ridiculously ominous Scottish castles, J.K. Rowling’s favorite coffee shop (I WENT THERE! AHH!) and men in kilts. And *possibly* a shot of Ewan McGregor, just for jollies.

7 thoughts on “Ye Olde UK Trip: Part Deux!”

  1. I’ve heard of Durdle Door! Looks like an awesome place to visit. And I didn’t know some animals had vertical slit pupils. Huh! Learn something new every day. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Annie! And it’s a Friday too, so everything you learn counts for extra! 😉

    1. Thanks, Starr! I love your blog too – it’s where I get my daily farm-life fix! 😀

  2. Awesome post, it was just like being there! Add this to my list of 1000 places I’ll never see, except through the wonders of the internet.

  3. 1) You neglected the important part of Stonehenge Ice Cream: What flavour ice cream did you get?!

    2) Pupils of judgement… you crack me up, kid.

  4. You are definitely one of the treasures found in this era.

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