My lovely friends! We’re in a state of emergency here in Ontario, and I know many of you amazing people all around the world are home with your kids. I wanted to create something super simple to help!

Nothing – and I mean *nothing* engages kids like animals, so for the foreseeable future, I’ll be doing a couple things to spark some curiosity for your kiddos.

1) I’ll be sharing a daily Keating Creature on Twitter! (You can find me @Jess_Keating!) This is a fun, quick post introducing kids to a new animal they might not have known about. (Fun facts: these posts were how my World of Weird Animals series first came to be!)

2) I’ll be sharing free activity pages for Keating Creature School! These are very simple activities that combine science, animals, art, and curiosity – all based on our special guest animal.

You don’t need to have any of my books to enjoy the activities! But each animal is featured in one of my books – so if you want to explore further, the option is there!

Today’s special guest is the AYE-AYE – and we’re learning about aye-aye diets, how they find food, and we’re examining our favorite creature features to design a brand new animal. You can download them here!

As a special bonus, I’ll be sharing some creatures from my upcoming book, EAT YOUR ROCKS, CROC: Dr. Glider’s Advice for Troubled Animals in the coming weeks. This book isn’t out until May 5th, but you can get a sneak peek of some animal friends with these activities.

You can find all of these resources (and more) at my website:

I’d be so grateful if you could share this so other parents and caregivers can have some options over the coming weeks – we’re in this together! Many other lovely authors are offering tons of free activities for your kids as well – including Debbie Ohi, Kevin Sylvester, Elise Gravel, Kenneth Oppel, and more! Reach out to your favorite authors on Twitter if possible for more! And great news: many of your favorite bookstores are offering delivery! Many of these activities are also highlighted on Instagram! I’ll be sharing more of my author friends’ activities as we go!

Don’t hesitate to reach out if there’s something you’d like to see – and stay safe! I’m here for you.

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