The #KeatingCreature is a Twitter feature where I post a knowledge bite about an amazing animal. If you’re not on Twitter, fear not – you can still fill your brain with all of the amazing creatures here!

This list is updated with each new animal – check out the links for more about them!

  • THE HORROR FROG can break its own bones to make claws. It is the WOLVERINE of frogs.
  • THE SEA PIG is a bizarre-o sea cucumber that uses hydraulics to move.


  • THE GREENLAND SHARK has bioluminescent parasites in its eyes that make them GLOW in the dark! (SHARK WEEK BEGINS!)
  •  THE THRESHER SHARK has a tail that is HALF its body length. It uses it to swat and stun prey!
  • THE MEGALODON is one of the biggest predators to ever swim the oceans. 40-70 feet long with SEVEN INCH TEETH!


  • THE OKAPI is related to the giraffe but has the bottom half of a zebra.
  • There are 3000 species of NUDIBRANCHS, each more gorgeous than the last.
  • The MALAYAN SUNBEAR is one of the smallest bears, with one of the longest tongues!
  • At 13-17 inches tall, the PUDU is the SMALLEST deer in the world!
  • The FOSSA looks like a cat, but is part of the mongoose family!
  • The LESULA is a new species of monkey that was just discovered!
  • The KINKAJOU lives in the rainforest and loves honey.
  • The BOTFLY is terrifying! It lives under your skin!
  • The RAVEN can remember your face for years.
  • The BLACK MAMBA gets its name from the inside of its mouth.
  • The HARP SPONGE was just discovered! It looks like a candelabra!
  • The MANED WOLF is known as ‘the fox on stilts’.
  • The CHEVROTAIN is also known as the ‘mouse deer’.
  • The ATLAS MOTH is the biggest moth in the world.
  • The ASSASSIN BUG covers itself with the corpses of its prey as camouflage.

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