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It has been a busy month here. In not-so-awesome news, I’m currently stuck on the couch with a bit of a bug. But! In less phlegmy-news, I have some fun pictures from London last month to share with you! It turned out to be one of the coolest, geekiest trips ever and was just what I needed to wrap up the hectic summer. I’m just now figuring out how to embed Instagram posts here, so bear with me!


We were lucky enough to stay at a hotel right beside the Tower Bridge. This is the view from below!

London at night has some pretty ominous statues!

One of my favorite places in the whole world is the Natural History Museum. Where else can you find ostrich feet like this? (If you’re interested in this place, I highly recommend Dry Store Room #1!)


Or giant sloths?! (Yes, they used to be this big!!)

And we can’t forget my pal, Darwin. He looks so unassuming from his chair overseeing the museum.

And if you’ve read CROC, you know I had to include this in here:

This is the world famous “Dippy”! Looking pretty good for 150 million years old.

Dippy in the main hall.

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After the Natural History Museum, I discovered there was another amazing spot hidden under my nose. After mucking about with the tube maps for a bit, I found the Grant Museum of Zoology! The internet tells me it houses 67,000 specimens! I tried to see them all. Including these rare dodo bones!

I’m at the Grant Museum of Zoology and these are real DODO BONES. 😀

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The “Micrarium” is a floor to ceiling backlit room filled with microscope slides! Nerd heaven.

Floor to ceiling microscope slides in the Micrarium at @GrantMuseum! 20,000 of ’em!

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Here is a closeup! I was getting mega flashbacks to my time spent in microbiology labs back at school. At least this time there were no tests!

Close up of the Micrarium wall. So many tiny lives here! @grantmuseum

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Anaconda skeleton, anyone?

Five meter long anaconda skeleton wrapped around a tree! @GrantMuseum

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And talk about small worlds, it turned out that there was another cool spot about three minutes away from the museum. Any Sherlock fans here?

Any SHERLOCK fans out there? You might recognize this door! 😀

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Pretty sure I’d have to hand in my author card if I didn’t go here! (Sidenote, there was actually a huuuuge line up to get your picture taken here. They gave you a Gryffindor scarf for the pic, and they even had someone standing by to FLING the scarf in the air as the picture was taken, so you’d look like you were flying through the wall. Hardcore.)

One of today’s highlights! IT IS REAL.

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Happy days!

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