Hey, readers!

I’m thrilled to show off the What Makes a Monster trailer today! The lovely Mr. Schu Reads was kind enough to debut this for me, along with a really fun word association game. Check it out to get even more of a peek at the book!

I was really amazed to see the response to Pink is for Blobfish, so I knew I had to really bring it for this follow-up book. It is jam-packed with awesome science and animals, and I bet it will even make you reconsider those animals you are so terrifying! I can’t wait to hear what you think!

Please feel free to share this trailer with your young readers to get them excited about these amazing creatures, and stay tuned for the educator video to go with the book too! (If you’d like to see the educator video to pair with Shark Lady, you can find it here!)

Stay curious!

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