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It’s #nf10for10 day!

When I noticed the #nf10for10 hashtag online last year (hosted by the lovely Cathy Mere, Mandy Robek, and Julie Balen!), I had a field day visiting everybody’s posts and growing my to-read list. This year I wanted to participate! (You can visit here to see everyone’s posts!)

I’ve had a lot of emails from teachers who are having a blast using PINK IS FOR BLOBFISH in their classrooms. This is so great!


So this year, I wanted to give you guys some awesome books you can pair with PINK, to get the weird animal love brewing in your classrooms. Without any adieu whatsoever, here we go!



  1. The Great Monkey Rescue (perfect for that kid who loves animals and wants to know how we humans can help make the world better for them!)


2. Feathers: Not Just for Flying (for the kid with dirty fingernails from exploring, who has a tattered notebook filled with with nature treasures and sketches)


3. Now You See Them: Poems About Animals that Hide (for the artsy kid with a deep love of the mysterious)


4. I Don’t Like Snakes (for the kid who does or doesn’t like snakes!)


5. Bone by Bone: Comparing Animal Skeletons (for the kid who is obsessed with animal bones, fur, teeth, and tracks—and yes I was one of them!)

boneby6. Best Foot Forward (for the kid who isn’t quite sure about animals yet, but giggles at blobfish, baby platypuses, or puppies)


7. The Ultimate Bugopedia: The Most Complete Bug Reference Ever (for the kid who colors very carefully, with his face two inches from the paper; obsessed with tiny details, bugs, wings, and ant trails)

bugopedia8. Wild Ideas (for the kid who secretly wishes to be a humpback whale, tiger, or flying squirrel! And yes, there are lots of them out there!)

wild9. A Little Book of Sloth (for the kid who wants to turn the house into an animal hospital)


10. Dinosaur! (for the kid who doodles dragons in the margins, and loves to tell stories at recess)


I could go on forever! What are your favorites that celebrate animals?

Happy Friday!

2 thoughts on “Nonfiction 10 for 10: Weird Animal Edition”

  1. I am thrilled to see Bone by Bone here. It is a definite winner! The Slothpital became a regularly used word in my room the year I read Little Book of Sloth! So great to see you participating in #nf10for10 Jess! And I need to get your book. A bookstore run is in my near future!

  2. Ahhh! So many books I need to order! I have ordered yours, but nit all books come quickly to KL, so I am still waiting! I love this list!

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