Hello my cheeky monkeys! Lots going on this week. I’m currently working on a second book for Jabberwocky Kids! I am all kinds of excited to work on another book with them, and I cannot WAIT to tell you more about it! (Also, it is very surreal to be working on another book before HOW TO OUTRUN A CROC is even published. Weird.)

But for now, it is top secret! To make it up to you, I have LINKS:

  • Tonight I’m going to see Despicable Me 2! I love date night, mainly for the popcorn and the entertainment. Oh, the date is pretty cool too. This is not a link, but who doesn’t love the minions, right?
  • Pam Calvert has an awesome PICTURE BOOK UNIVERSITY going on right now on her blog. I have always been afraid of writing picture books, but thanks to about a million trips to the library and online help like Pam’s course, I am sloowwwwllly becoming more picture book confident. Go check it out!
  • Recently, I had to write a synopsis. DUN DUN DUN. This is a super hard, yet extremely important skill and I found an incredible post to help! Make sure you bookmark this post, if synopsis writing (synopsizing?) is in your future! Shout out to superhero Susan Dennard for the help! You deserve a cupcake, Sooz.

And finally, the main reason I’m posting today – the Minions Banana Song! Have a great week!

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