There’s a special place in my heart for teachers and librarians! 


Reader Mail:

I love hearing from readers, and I always respond to reader mail. You can send letters, drawings, or candy to the address below. Make sure you tell me if I can post any of your work online, I love to show off classroom talents!


Animals for Smart People – An Educational Youtube Channel!

Are you looking for some fun, informative videos to use in your classroom? Animals for Smart People is an educational webseries, focusing on animals, zoology, science, and fun! Every episode is under 3 minutes, classroom and kid-friendly, and full of bizarre science and interesting creatures. You can check them out here, and make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss any new episodes!

Write with Jess Keating Video Series!

I love inspiring young readers and writers! I wanted to create something special for educators to use in the classroom. This ten video series is classroom-friendly, quick, and each includes a writing call to action to get young writers rolling. You can see the entire playlist here! (And make sure to subscribe for updates!)


Keating Creature Newsletters:

I’ve also created several Keating Creature newsletters! These will cover science education and zoology topics, that are classroom friendly, including fun stuff like glossaries, pictures, and of course, crazy creature info!

Click here to view them as they grow

Virtual Visits:

  • BOOK TALK Q&A: Are you a school, library, or book club and want to chat with me after you’ve read one of my books? I would love to chat with you via Skype! Time: 20-25 minutes. Cost: Free! Click the big banner at the top of this page for more info!
  • “The Writing Zoo” ($200): This visit is adapted from my most popular in-person visit, and typically runs 45 minutes to one hour, including time for questions. This option covers all aspects of writing, creativity, and animals, and also includes a classroom set of signed postcards. Here is a quick description:

The Writing Zoo with Jess Keating!

What can a dung beetle teach us about writing, reading, and creativity? Or a skunk? Or even a blobfish? With wild examples from zoologist-turned-author Jess Keating, young readers learn about the fun, often messy work of creating stories, writing books, and being a story explorer. Hear some wild and funny stories, learn the tools to tell your own, and check out some of Jess’s animal skull and bone collection, too!

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