Halloween is almost here! What better way to celebrate (apart from eating all the KitKats from your box of mini chocolate bars that are SUPPOSED to be for the children) — *ahem* — than by checking out some creepy creatures of the deep?

If you want to be freaked out, there is no better place than deep water.

First you’ve got your obvious stuff like sharks (the ones with all the teeth), and octopi (the ones with all the arms), and seasnakes (the ones with all the venom), but the deeper you go… the weirder it gets. Soon, you come across creatures that look like chestbuster from Alien. Life doesn’t play by the same rules down there, and these creatures really get their freak on.



If that wasn’t enough for you, here’s a longer vid with some of the creepier specimens. Enjoy!



One thought on “Scary Creatures with Big Teeth!”

  1. Anglerfish are very ugly, but very cool! They always remind me of Nemo. They have this little creepy light dangling in front of them. Hey, maybe I should be an anglerfish for Halloween!

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