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Guys, this book—this amazing woman—means so much to me. Sometimes book ideas come to you slowly, like tiny drops of water that slowly fill a cup. But sometimes, they show up as a waterfall, raining down on you so quickly that you can’t not write the thing that very second.

Eugenie Clark’s story popped into my life in a blink, and instantly I knew I had to tell the world about this incredible person. Growing up in 1930s New York as the only biracial student in her class, Eugenie faced so many obstacles to her dreams of exploring the ocean and swimming with sharks.

Many of you know that before I got into writing books for publication, my training was in science, specifically zoology. (It’s no secret that all my books feature animals!) Back in the day, the scientific world wasn’t exactly a peach for women looking to become scientists. (And it still isn’t, which is why we need books recognizing amazing women being their awesome selves in the field!)

While I think it’s important for young girls to learn about these women, it’s more important that everyone (that includes boys!) learn about them. We need to show all young people that anyone can change the world. Science is one of the greatest fields out there, and it is for everyone.

Eugenie’s life, her passion, and her incredible heart changed the world. I won’t spoil everything here, but wowee, I can’t wait to share her story with you.

Of course, none of this happens without my partner-in-crime, Kat Rushall! Thank you for finding such a wonderful home for this book. And a huge shout-out to Aubrey Poole at Sourcebooks! Savvy readers will recognize Aubrey as the editor for the MY LIFE IS A ZOO novels, and I am so bleeping excited to continue working with her on this new adventure.

And lastly, thank you ALL so much for sharing in the fun with me on Twitter! I’ll share more as we go, but for now, I’m so happy to share this with you all! Here is Eugenie in all her glory.


If women in science is your thing (of course it is), here are five resources for women and girls looking to get their STEM on!

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