A beautiful, lyrical nonfiction picture book about shark scientist (and all around amazing woman!) Eugenie Clark! This book not only depicts a ‘real life’ view of science, but also dozens of amazing creatures and the role that Eugenie Clark has played in shark research and ocean conservation. Along with the text, the illustrations are meticulously detailed, and every inch of them is scientifically robust, making this a great book to prompt discussions, explorations in science, and STEM units!

Great for kids who love:

  • Sharks, the ocean, and other marine animals
  • Adventure, science, nerdy-brilliant-girls-in-action
  • to see incredible examples of women in STEM fields
  • vibrant, wonder-inducing illustrations

“Boldly hued and fluidly graceful, illustrations from Marta Álvarez Miguéns, complete with fun facts and a timeline, creatively convey Eugenie’s courage and determination as she dives into books, laboratories, education, and open waters to share her love and knowledge of the often misunderstood predators.” —Foreword Reviews

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