The time has come! No, not back to school (although many of you are back this week – good luck with that!)

I’m talking about the best week of the entire year. The week to end all others. A time when razor-sharp teeth and menacing hunters are celebrated and awesome power is lauded above all else!


How can you celebrate?

  • Check out the awesome ‘Official’ footage HERE
  • Visit #KeatingCreature here (up top in the header you’ll find it), or on Twitter, to see my daily SHARK, with all kinds of cool tidbits to dazzle your noggin.
  • Protect them! Although sharks seem scary, we are actually WAY more dangerous to them – thousands are killed every year (barbarically) for silly things like shark fin soup. They are some of the most powerful hunters on the planet and we need them! Check out BITE BACK and SHARKWATER for some awesome ways to help out and learn more.
  • Brush your teeth and embrace your OWN inner shark. (Did you know that shark teeth are actually MADE with a layer of fluoride? This is the same stuff that is in your toothpaste – no wonder they don’t get cavities.
  • Check out the SHARK CAM to see these amazing creatures for yourself.



2 thoughts on “Shark Week!”

  1. Wow, that shark cam is cool! Now I’m divided between watching sharks, WriteOnCon, and actually working. Hmm… Tough decision.

    1. Annie: You should write a book about sharks, that way you can keep watching the cam! 😀 Now it’s research!

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