Hello my cheeky monkeys!

Nothing says Monday like learning about space poop. When I came across this graphic from the International Space Station, I knew I had to share it. Especially because it mentions space poop. Have you ever wondered what happens to astronauts’ bodies in space? Do they have to exercise? Check out this fun link for the answers, and learn why poop becomes shooting stars.

And some quick updates! I’ve got some awesome news to share soon! But first, I’m starting some new #KeatingCreature fun. I have a great time tweeting our KeatingCreature (these are random, bizarre creature facts and tidbits!) and I’ve decided to start making simple graphics that are more easily shared. I always get wonderful feedback from teachers and educators about these critters, so I wanted to work out something that isn’t Twitter-dependent for you guys. I’ll be profiling 1-2 creatures a week, and I’ll try to instagram them as well! I will also try to include links to learn more.

Here is our first! The flannel moth caterpillar. (Note: this caterpillar does not endorse the views of a certain someone.) For more on venomous hairpieces, go here!

Never touch something that looks like Trump’s hair.

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