Hello and happy summer!

When I was a little kid, one of my favorite things in the entire world was summer. No school! Long days paddling in the pool! And my favorite thing of all—weekly visits to my local (teeny tiny!) library!

Back then, we lived just up the road from our public library. Every week, I would bring the biggest tote bag I could find in our house, and toddle up the street. I’d spend hours poring over the library shelves, building a stack of books I could barely carry. My librarian was wonderful, and she helped me slowly work through the entire library. Even now (as a much older soul!), the hot summer sun still reminds of those days, curled up with a book!

I firmly believe that all kids need books, and summer reading is one of the greatest gifts we can give them. For that reason, I think programs like the TD Summer Reading Club are so important! As Canada’s BIGGEST bilingual summer reading program, the TD Summer Reading Club has been helping turn kids into lifelong readers for years.

Last year, over 700,000 young readers took part. (That’s a LOT of reading kids!) This year, I’m partnering with them to create something super special for everyone! Check it out!


Yeahh!! Starting on June 25th, visit the reading club website to read installments of a brand new story written by yours truly. The story is in EIGHT parts, so drop by each week in the summer with your kids and have some reading time! You’ll be able to leave comments, make guesses as to how the story will continue, and ask questions! I can’t wait for you to read it!

This program is also entirely accessible for kids of all abilities, and I’m thrilled to report you will be able to get audio of my story, as well as access useful materials for the program, no matter how your child reads. (Check out here for more!)

I will also be making the rounds to several libraries for fun workshops with readers (see my appearances page for details!) and I’d love to see you there! This year, the TD theme is “find your wild”, so I’m bringing some fun animal stories and artifacts with me!

And don’t forget to visit your local public library to join the club! EVERY CHILD who signs up for the club will get an age appropriate notebook, filled with prompts and fun reading stuff, as well as a spot to collect stickers for all the books they read! Best part? All of this is FREE.

Sounds pretty awesome, eh? IT IS! For more information, visit the TD Summer Reading Club website! To go straight to my online story, visit here!

Happy reading!!!


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