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It’s been a week since HOW TO OUTRUN A CROCODILE was officially released into the wild, and I have to admit–I am completely overwhelmed! I feel like the luckiest author around.

Some of you (most of you?) probably know that I’m Canadian, and living in Canada. Because the release dates for US and Canada often differ by a few weeks, I knew I wouldn’t be able to go out to a local bookstore and find my book yet. (For all the Canadians out there, CROC hits bookstores here on June 15th!) Little did I know that you guys would bring the bookstores to ME! I just wanted to say thank you, for everything.

  • To those of you who tweeted out pictures of CROC hanging out in the wild on the shelves: thank you!
  • To those of you who sent me amazing messages, gifs, and tweets of support and love: thank you!
  • For all the people who Vined (!!!) purchasing CROC, along with other amazing books: thank you!
  • To the awesome #bookaday crew, who chose CROC, tweeting out incredible quotes and love: thank you!
  • To the people who literally went out launch morning and found CROC on the shelves: thank you!
  • To the incredibly thoughtful reviewers who have left reviews all over the interwebs, thank you!
  • To the wonderful librarians/teachers and book lovers who are LIVE-TWEETING their reading: thank you!
  • To the amazing book bloggers who hosted me for the #CrocStop blog tour: thank you!
  • To the tireless #nerdybookclub, for inspiring me from day 1 and being such champs from the start: thank you!
  • To the people who preordered CROC online, or hit up their local indie to celebrate: thank you!
  • To the lovely parents who bought CROC, only to have it immediately stolen by their kids: thank you!
  • For all the people who told their libraries around CROC, so all kids get a chance to read it: thank you!
  • To those of you who picked CROC as one of your first forays into MG: thank you!
  • To the people who RECREATED the CROC cover (seriously!) and tweeted me a picture: thank you!

…Are you sensing a pattern here?

To be honest, I had a big blog post planned, with lots of pictures and smiley gifs. But right now, a week after CROC’s release, that’s all I really want to say. Just a giant THANK YOU from one reader to another.

Thank you for opening your hearts to one more book, one more author, one more set of characters. I know I shouldn’t be surprised, because that’s what we readers do, after all. We’re always ready for another book to love, and I just want you to know I feel supremely grateful and honored to share mine with you all.

Adding my book to the shelves along with some of my favorite authors means the world to me, and you guys have made this week more amazing than I ever could have imagined.

Thank you for such a wonderful launch. And happy reading!
















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