Hey all,

I shot my next episode of Animalogic yesterday (did you know I host a Youtube science show?) so after a day under lights in a big city, I’m extra content to sit in my quiet house with my laptop again, with the birds going bananas in Spring-mode outside. I’m always grateful for the chance to share what I love with the world, but time spent in your own little world seems to be equally important for the creative process (at least, to mine!)

Here are ten things that caught my eye this week. I hope they help to refill your well!

1. How do you revise your manuscript if Post-Its and white out hasn’t been invented yet? If you’re Jane Austen, you use straight pins. (This is truly incredible and mind-boggling in that ‘how the heck did she manage that? kind of way.)

2. I’ve always wanted to try my hand (writing?) at making my own font. I’m told this is the easiest way to do itand buzzfeed never lies, so let’s all give it a shot and fill the world with our messy hen scratch.

3. Five years ago (almost to the day!) I published my first novel about a little girl named Ana, who lived in a zoo. She was named after an anaconda, and desperate to find her voice in this crazy world. Imagine my delight seeing this amazing piece about Anna the (real) anaconda, who gave birth to two babies — get this — without any males in the picture. (This is called parthenogenesis and it is absolutely wackadoo but true!)

4. For your eyes: I love exploring different illustration styles, and vintage art always seems to capture my imagination. Ward Jenkins is an amazing person to follow on Twitter, and I owe him thanks for introducing me to Janet LaSalle.

5. I am really, really excited for this movie, and thought this piece about representation and comedy was spectacular(PS If you haven’t seen the trailer for it, stop now and watch this immediately. Wait for Keanu, too.

6. There’s something beautiful and tragic about these fossilized schools of baby fish. 

7. I recently finished a reread of Twyla Tharp’s THE CREATIVE HABIT and recommend it to anyone looking to up their game and tackle their habits head on. Absolutely fantastic book.

8. Friday is a great day to explore the best bird photographs of the week. Here’s my favorite:

9. The atomic bomb hairstyle. I kinda dig it.

10. A bookstore of one’s own. This is a bookshop entirely dedicated to featuring the works of women who have been overlooked by history. I definitely dig it.

Thanks so much for reading. If you like creative and curious things from all directions in your life, and want to share, pass on The Writer’s Notebook to a buddy! Or, you can be a real dear and preorder my next book

Enjoy your day!


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