Hello, my cheeky monkeys! We all know things start going downhill once Wednesday comes around, so here are some bizarre words to wake up your Thursday brain. Bonus points if you use them in your WIP.

Let this be your hit of vocabulary-caffeine!

  • Gelatologist – someone who studies humor, and the effect of laughter on the body.
  • Tittle – this is the little dot above an i, or a j. Cute, huh?
  • Petrichor – the smell of the ground after it rains. (probably my favorite word, ever)
  • Virescent – to become green, a la Kermit.
  • Zymurgy – the practice of fermentation, like when you make wine or beer.
  • Truckle – the standard name for any barrel-shaped or cylindrical cheese that is taller than it is wide. (??)
  • Oxter – sounds like it should be a brand of men’s shoes, but it actually means armpit.

Now it’s your turn – heard any good words lately? Got a fave?


2 thoughts on “Vocab Caffeine!”

  1. um, these are genius and adorable. i (dotted with a tittle) feel smarter already – on a saturday morning to boot!

  2. Petrichor…fabulous! I’ve always thought there should be a word for that smell. Now I know!
    My WIP takes place in Ireland, so I see plenty of opportunity to use it there. 🙂

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