Write with Jess Keating is a growing video series for kid readers and writers!

These ten videos tackle some of the most common writing questions I get from young readers. Each is classroom-friendly, quick, snappy, and includes a writing call to action. New videos will be added, so subscribe and enjoy! (Click the lines and arrow on the top left for a dropdown menu of all ten videos!)

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In this 10 video series I tackle the questions:

#1. What’s the secret to writing?

#2. How do you get story ideas?

#3. Do I need a special, fancy notebook to write?

#4. How can I start writing my story?

#5. What if all my ideas suck?

#6. Why do I need to revise?

#7. Should I let other people read my writing?

#8. How do I get past writer’s block?

#9. How can I make sure I never run out of ideas?

#10. What should I write about today?