Writer’s Notebook – Lavender Fields Forever

Happy Friday!

I hope you’re well on your way to an amazing weekend! I’ve been loving the cooler air and whisper of autumn that’s on the wind. Pretty soon all of us fall souls can rejoice!

Here are 10 things that made me take notice this week.

1. I just finished a FRIENDS rewatch. Have to admit, I kind of wish Rachel had gone to Paris (and maybe taken Joey with her?) Am I alone on this? Either way, this Central Perk LEGO set is pretty cute.


2. I’ve also had a not-so-secret belief that fountains are magical portals to other worlds. Particularly these fourteen, who exhibit zero chill.


3. I just started this book, and am in love with it already. Here’s a glimpse:


4. I like big guts and I cannot lie? Fascinating read on alternating ecological strategies. Or better said: guts vs brains. 

5. Calling all cat people – here is the best way to pet your cat, according to science.

6. In weird society and culture stuff: the way kids draw men and women has changed a lot in the past fifty years. What does it all MEAN?! 

7. It is a truth universally acknowledged that every online recipe must start with a forty page essay about the author’s life. This one’s no different, but the recipe for Strawberry rhubarb hemp balls is pretty darn good.


8. Morbidly fascinating…and fashionable. Guillotine haircuts and how they became all the rage. (PS If you like this awesome history-culture stuff, you have to read all of Sarah Albee’s books – she is a master of bizarrely cool topics like these!)


9. I recently made a squirrel comic about ‘Sweet Caroline’, and this look at the song caught my attention.

10. Forget strawberry fields, let’s check out some Lavender Fields…forever. These aerial views are a dream!

Have a fantastic week, and stay curious!

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